Michael Demone

Executive Director, Canadian Working Group on Industrial Hemp (CWGIH)

Michael Demone serves as Executive Director for the Canadian Working Group on Industrial Hemp (CWGIH), a network of stakeholders with expertise in agriculture, chemical research and engineering, product development and commercialization, and technology strategy. They work to advance Canada’s Industrial Hemp industry by supporting responsible practices from field to factory. Michael works with leaders in government, industry, business, and academia to help entrepreneurs and innovators carry their projects from concept to commercialization.

He has worked alongside innovation pioneers including the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC), the Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC), GreenCentre Canada, and the National Research Council of Canada. He has worked with the provincial and national startup ecosystems, including RIC Centre, GreenCentre Canada, Industrial Research Assistance Program, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, MaRS, and Ontario Centre’s of Excellence.

He has worked closely with RIC Centre on initiatives Including Innovation4D, a venture capital day that brought together international stakeholders from finance, academia, and business to support top-tier Canadian startups. He currently serves as Special Advisor, Government Relations and was appointed to the RIC Centre Board of Directors in 2017.