Farrell Miller

Director of Legal Affairs, Dicentra

Farrell A. Miller is a recognized cannabis and hemp expert across Canada and has been involved in the industry since 2014 when she helped open the first medical access dispensary in Kelowna, BC. As Director of Legal at dicentra, Farrell assists a team of regulatory professionals in understanding the complex landscape of Cannabis Law in Canada. She holds a Law degree from University of British Columbia, and a Criminology degree from the University of Guelph. Prior to law school, she worked in research ethics and support at the University Health Network in Toronto, Research Ethics and Support Services, administering contracts for clinical trials. When it comes to understanding the restrictive advertising of controlled substances, Farrell has managed in-field marketing campaigns for various alcohol and tobacco brands before beginning her career in cannabis. Currently, Farrell assists the compliance team at dicentra, providing legal expertise and navigation through Health Canada’s guidelines for all product categories in the life sciences including food products, cannabis, cosmetics, NHPs, CHPs and more. Farrell is also the founder of a new Industrial Hemp farm near Creemore, ON, where she is working on producing high-CBD hemp for the cannabis industry.