Amanda de Freitas

Chief Strategy Officer, Redfund Capital Corp

Amanda de Freitas is a Toronto based corporate development and regulatory affairs executive who specializes in working with companies and their innovators to profitably develop, grow or transition their business models. With over 20 years of experience working with Canadian Banks and Trust Companies, she has worked with 1000+ private and public companies at various stages of their growth and across all sectors of the economy. Her work encompasses a holistic approach to working with management teams, corporate boards and their investors; assisting her clients in their organization’s mandates to instill a shared vision of growth, she helps drive stakeholder consensus to ensure her clients achieve benchmark results in their businesses’ corporate development and its on-going success.

Amanda is the Chief Strategy Officer at Redfund Capital Corp. she is also a Director on the Board of Directors for Redfund Capital Corp; a publicly listed incubator and accelerator that provides debt and equity funding to disruptive sectors such as medical cannabis, health technology and Fintech companies who want to grow their business without giving away their equity stake prematurely. The firm targets clients to nurture into global foot prints whether through private funding, public vehicles or direct acquisitions.